Absence of Intimacy Can Lead to Divorce

For an overwhelming majority of married couples, it is obvious that lack of sexual intimacy can ruin relations. Here we will find out the importance of sex in the family life and its lack as the main cause or relationship disorders. The statistics claim that reasons for getting divorced can be numerous, with the most common still being:

  • Physical, emotional or substance abuse;
  • Incompatibility;
  • Infidelity;
  • Absence of sexual life.

Moreover, a considerable part of divorcing couples failed to define a single cause of divorce. Instead, they specified the absence or lack of love. But, in fact, falling out of love is impossible, and it sounds like a romantic euphemism. Over 80% of divorcing couples have sex, which is frequently the reason for the conflict. Lack of physical intimacy triggers other complications, like psychological disorders and emotional mistrust.

Considering relations between sex and divorce, it is necessary to remember that each case is individual and does not resemble one another. Sometimes a partner is upset and treats physical contact similar to punishment. In other instances, it is a way to express distress.

Physical barriers can negatively influence family relations, leading to a huge distance between the couple. Patients with erectile dysfunction, symptoms of premature ejaculation or other abnormalities, like vaginal dryness, hormonal imbalance or discomfort prefer to avoid sex rather than explain the problem and get the treatment turning to a qualified medical assistant. However, even minor health complications can trigger major family conflicts and disorders.

While all people want to be loved, it is inevitable to deal with all the problems and restore sexual life in the family. Ruining relations and divorcing is the easiest way, but you should do everything possible to preserve what you have been building over years

  • Seek medical assistance to deal with the health abnormalities that prevent you from healthy sex;
  • Open up more, discuss your physical or psychological complications, disorders, desires and wishes with your partner;
  • Go on. Forget about the existing problems and fight for your family.