5 Myths about Sexual Dysfunction

Knowing little about erectile dysfunction, people start inventing things that look very convincing to them. That’s how the myths about the bulk of intimate health issues appear. To help you differentiate between the truth and a lie, we’ve gathered 5 most common myths about male sexual inability.

Myth #1. Failure in bed means you have ED

Well, for some men this is really true. However, being unable to get or maintain an erection or having difficulties with coming to the climax may also be evaluated as a variant of norm. In fact, man’s performance between the sheets is dependent on different factors including his overall health condition, level of stress, tiredness, and soberness. Only when such failures get frequent and reach 20% of all the tries, a man may be diagnosed with erectile dysfunction.

Myth #2. Male problems in bed start after 40

Even young men in their early twenties may face with a problem of sexual dysfunction. It may be provoked by harmful habits (smoking, drinking, narcotics), penile trauma, hormonal imbalance, or some underlying health condition (diabetes, hypertension, atherosclerosis).

Myth #3. All older men have sexual dysfunction

Age has nothing to do with problems in bed. Haven’t you heard any stories about 90-year-olds becoming fathers? Sexual function doesn’t depend on the man’s age. However, it does depend on his overall health condition, which is commonly getting worse as the man gets older. Hence, age adds the factors of risk, yet doesn’t cause ED.

Myth #4. All ED drugs will work the same for you

Despite all the most popular ED medications belong to the class of PDE-5 inhibitors and seem to have the same mechanism of action, they can still induce different effects in different people. Some of them can provide you with a firm and lasting erection, yet you may experience a number of side effects. Some can be not effective for you. It’s all is very individual. Hence, you shouldn’t give up trying different meds until you find the one that would be perfect for you.

Myth #5. Testosterone can save you from ED

This statement is only partially true because testosterone intake can really help those guys who have ED caused by low T-levels. Unfortunately, the rest of the cases cannot be cured with testosterone.