Yoga classes stimulate and improve the sexual function

The popularity of yoga classes is on its peak, and it’s no wonder because this ancient praxis can really make your life better. It is especially true when it comes to sexual health. By doing different asanas, you stimulate different groups of muscles, improve the circulation of blood in the sex organs, and learn to feel and control your own body.

Yoga physical benefits

Sex can bring a lot of pleasure, yet it may bring even more if you control your body. Yoga can definitely help with this matter.

Have you heard of Kegel exercises? They help to train the pelvic floor muscles and thus improve the quality of orgasms. But did you know that there is an analog for these exercises in yoga? Cat/cow flow asana, for example, is great to strengthen this particular group of muscles. As a result, the orgasms get longer, more intensive, and what’s more important for women, regular. So, if you have difficulties with reaching the climax, this asana is right for you.

Another problem, which may be solved due to yoga is low libido (both in men and in women). Asanas aimed at stretching of the hips, like bound angle pose or wide-legged straddle, help to intensify the supply of blood to the sex organs. As a result, your sex drive can get significantly better. For males having troubles with potency, these poses may also be of great help.

To get some new feelings from sexual activity, people try different poses. To be able to embody all your fantasies, you have to be flexible. Yoga offers a lot of asanas to make your body more plastic.

Yoga benefits for emotions

Calmness and meditation practiced in yoga help to lower the levels of stress and make it easier for you to deal with it on the whole. Various breathing and relaxing techniques and poses can be helpful when you need to relax before sex. They let you distract the attention from the surrounding factors and just concentrate on the pleasure you get from the intimacy.

By lowering the quantities of the stress hormone in the body, one can increase the levels of the sex hormones (testosterone and estrogen) thus raising the libido.