How does excessive weight affect the potency?

A discussion about the influence of obesity and excessive weight on the male ability to have sex lasts for long years. It is absolutely obvious and proven by the statistics that men with higher body mass indexes are more prone to evolving sexual dysfunction at any age. However, obesity cannot be called the cause of ED as it is more like a factor of risk for such health issues.

The changes in the human body happening with the weight gain are very likely to have a negative impact on male sexual performance. Let’s have a detailed look at each of the contributing factors.

Blood pressure

One of the characteristic features of overweight people is that they are hypertensive. The loaf on the cardiovascular system and heart, in particular, grows together with an increase of the body size. As a result of high blood pressure, which may become a chronic condition in such patients, the blood vessels get seriously harmed. Hence, the flow of blood may get worse.

Insufficient supply of blood is one of the major reasons for erectile dysfunction. It means that the penis cannot be filled with the amounts of blood needed for a healthy erection.

Hormonal imbalance

An excess of fat, which is usually concentrated in the belly area in men, may affect the levels of testosterone by lowering them. It happens because of the increased production of estrogen (a female hormone). Because of the rise in the levels of female sex hormones, men may feel their libido goes down. In addition, their ability to perform sexual intercourses and fertilize women also suffers.

Blood sugar

Excessive weight and, especially, obesity are often accompanied by prediabetes or type 2 diabetes. High blood glucose levels are able to damage the inner lining of the blood vessels, thus worsening the blood circulation. In case such damage has happened to the arteries leading to the male pelvic organs, it may result in an inability to get and sustain a healthy erection.

High cholesterol levels

One of the major causes for the weight gain is unhealthy eating habits. Foods rich in bad cholesterol not only promote a fast increase of the body mass but also elevate the amounts of bad cholesterol circulating in the male blood flow. Gradually and in the combination with other factors (like hypertension or diabetes), a man may evolve atherosclerosis.

If the ailment affects the blood vessels that bring blood to the penile area, a man evolves problems with erection.