Happy People Are Less Likely to Catch Colds

According to new research, people who are happy and positive are less likely to catch colds, and those who are angry and depressed more often complain about unpleasant cold symptoms. Nowadays, there are many people who catch colds, but you can avoid this common health problem if you stay positive.

Volunteers underwent their emotional assessment. They were asked to rate the tendency to experience negative and positive feelings to estimate how often they felt relaxed, pleased, and happy or depressed, angry, or anxious. The results of this research claim that people who often experience positive emotions are more protected from developing an illness compared to those who stay angry and sad. This means that positive people have better resistance to regular colds. This increase in positive emotional states is linked with the decrease in the rate of clinical colds. However, a negative emotional state doesn’t necessarily mean that people got sick more often.

Everything Is about the State of Mind

Think about how different emotions can impact your overall health. To put it simply, when your brain is happy, it starts sending special signals to other organs to keep the whole body healthy and energetic. Changes in your state of mind can have a positive impact on your body through hormones and your nervous system. For example, if you’re prone to having common colds, pneumonia, and other similar diseases, you can decrease this chance by simply keeping your brain in a healthy and happy state.

Finally, positive and happy people are more prone to health practices compared to stressed and angry ones. They’re more likely to engage in regular exercises and get enough sleep. Besides, they have low levels of specific stress hormones. Happy people not only catch colds less often, but they also suffer less when they get sick.

Those test participants who caught colds and had their negative emotional state were more likely to keep complaining about their symptoms compared to people with a positive and happy emotional state. The latest study proves that you can do some minor things to improve your overall health and avoid getting sick.