Chronic Fatigue Syndrome and Its Influence on Male Potency

Before you start searching for the connection between chronic fatigue syndrome and erectile problems you experience, you need to be aware of both conditions and then find some bond that tights them together.

Chronic fatigue syndrome is considered to be a debilitating health abnormality that features extreme tiredness or fatigue that doesn’t disappear even after you have rested. The condition usually cannot be explained by underlying medical impairments or other health-related problems.

Erectile dysfunction, in its turn, is a serious sex-related problem, which influences the male ability to achieve and maintain an erection sufficient for a successful intercourse. The disorder can be triggered by various health complications, such as diabetes, cholesterol imbalances, hypertension, diabetes, as well as psychological problems, including stress, depression, fatigue and others.

Thus, fatigue and impotence are tightly related conditions. Besides, people who experience constant fatigue will hardly ever desire sex. According to the results of recent investigations, chronic fatigue syndrome can interfere not only with an ability to gain and hold an erection but with the very sexual desire and libido. Overwhelming fatigue, excess sleepiness, joint and muscle pain, thinking issues and other signs of CFS prevent people from successful and healthy sexual intercourses. Moreover, psychological effects will contribute to sexual dysfunction. People with CFS are frequently irritable, anxious and depressed, which is not a beneficial background for any activities associated with sex.

Despite the problem is significant, there are effective ways of its treatment. Definitely, you need to eliminate the causes and symptoms of your chronic fatigue syndrome. Then, you need to work on your sex experiences:

  • Set realistic ideas about healthy sex;
  • Accept all the initial complications;
  • Plan ahead and set a date.

These and several other simple tips will help you preserve your relationships irrespective of chronic fatigue syndrome and other difficulties.